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8 magnificence hacks utilizing petroleum jelly to avoid wasting your day!


Petroleum jelly is likely one of the most versatile beauty merchandise that can be utilized for a lot of hacks. Listed below are eight such tremendous superior issues that you are able to do with petroleum jelly. That is how a bottle of this superb product can save your day.

Eye Make-up Remover

Bid goodbye to your every day battle of make-up elimination with petroleum jelly. It would enable you get off your make-up rapidly and simply, and in addition maintain the pores and skin moisturised.

Cream Blush

Combine your petroleum jelly with slightly little bit of your favorite lipstick and use the it as a cream blush for beautiful cheek color.


Eye Lash Conditioner

Petroleum jelly can be utilized as a superb conditioner. Simply apply slightly of the jelly on to your eye brows and lashes earlier than going to mattress each night time and maintain them wholesome and moisturised.

Lip Gloss Sub

Petroleum jelly can be utilized as the right substitute in your lip gloss. It not solely offers that shiny look to your lips, however may also maintain them moisturised.

Break up Finish Therapy

Rub a little bit of this magic substance on to your break up hair ends in between your visits to the salon for hair cuts.

Rubbing Enamel

Get the right pout simply! Earlier than making use of lipstick, rub some petroleum jelly in your tooth to stop any lipstick stains from sticking on to them.

Fragrance On Pulse Factors

Apply petroleum jelly in your pulse factors earlier than spraying your favorite fragrance. It will make the perfume final for much longer.

Therapeutic massage Elbow

Therapeutic massage some oil on to your elbows and heels all yr spherical to stop dryness and soften chapped and damaged pores and skin.

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