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Advantages of Tempo Runs for Pace and Power

Tempo runs are a superb manner for runners to work on constructing their velocity and power. They’re runs which can be performed at a gradual effort degree, often just a bit slower than your 10K race tempo.


Tempo runs allow you to develop your anaerobic or lactate threshold (LT), which is essential for working quicker. Your LT is the purpose at which lactic acid (a by-product of glucose metabolization) begins to build up in muscle tissues. An accumulation of lactic acid within the muscle tissues results in the fatigue and soreness that runners expertise when working laborious. Should you can enhance your LT by doing tempo runs, you possibly can cut back the buildup of lactic acid and run quicker with out struggling muscle fatigue.

Tempo runs are additionally useful for growing the psychological toughness and stamina wanted for racing since you will have follow working at a tempo that is slightly exterior of your consolation zone.

Tips on how to Do Tempo Runs

Whether or not you are coaching for a 5K or an extended distance race comparable to a marathon, tempo runs are an necessary a part of any coaching program, particularly in the event you’re hoping to enhance your race occasions. To get began with tempo runs, begin your run with 5 to 10 minutes of simple working to heat up, then proceed with 15 to twenty minutes of working about 10 seconds slower than your 10K tempo. Should you’re working on a treadmill, it is simple to plug in your tempo into the machine. Should you’re working exterior, you want a GPS timing machine comparable to a Garmin to trace your tempo.

Should you’re undecided what your 10K tempo is or you possibly can’t observe your tempo, run at a tempo that feels “comfortably laborious.” You too can use your respiratory as your information. For an easy-paced run, most runners take three footstrikes whereas inhaling and two footstrikes whereas respiratory out. For tempo runs, you ought to be at two footstrikes whereas inhaling and one footstrike whereas respiratory out. Should you’re respiratory quicker than that, your tempo is simply too quick.

Tempo runs might be mentally difficult, so attempt a few of these suggestions for digging deeper to get by way of. Inform your self that getting by way of your tempo runs will assist make you a stronger, quicker runner.

End with 5 to 10 minutes of cooling down. You too can do some stretching or yoga strikes after your run.

Even a weekly 15 to 20-minute tempo tempo run is sufficient to get advantages from it, however some extra superior runners will do longer weekly tempo runs of 40 minutes or extra.

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