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Energy and Conditioning: Wil Fleming, Week 4, Day 1

EDITOR'S NOTE: These exercises are written byWil Fleming, co-owner of Drive Health and Efficiency. Wil completed eighth within the 2013 Nationwide Weightlifting Championships and coaches dozens of weighlifters at his facility in Bloomington, Indiana. To study extra about this program,learn Wil's article right here.


The stronger-than-ever-program is a 4 week, 4 day-per-week program. Exercises can be posted on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday every week. This system makes use of squatting, Olympic lifting, and bodybuilding actions throughout every session to get you, actually, stronger than ever. So let's do it!



Week 4, Day 1


  • Again squat 10 reps at 60%, 10 reps at 70%, 3X6 at 85%
  • Clear + energy jerk (advanced) 5 reps at 60%, 5 reps at 70%, 3X3+1 at 85%
  • Clear pull from under the knee 4X5 at 90%
  • Bench press 10 reps at 70%, 3X6 at 85%

A. Pistol squats (modify top if mandatory) 3×5 per leg
B. Single-leg reverse hyper 3×15 per leg
C. Ab wheel rollouts 3×10

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