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Frogman Exercises: Cycle 8, Week 5

These exercises are designed by All-American swimmer and world report holder Hannah Caldas. She swims 4,000 meters per day, 2 hours per day, 6 days per week. Hannah has designed these exercises to extend your total energy and conditioning whereas additionally bettering your swim approach and pace within the water.


Week 5, Day 1

Tabata – 2 X 8 rounds of 20s work/10s relaxation with a 2-minute relaxation between every 4-minute set



Egg beater kicking within the deep finish of the pool


Week 5, Day 2

Swim 50m, rely the variety of strokes to finish

Relaxation 1 min

Swim 50m in 2 strokes lower than earlier than

Relaxation 1 min

Swim 50m in 4 strokes lower than earlier than


Don't rush the swim. It isn't vital how briskly you might be swimming, relatively how a lot water you possibly can cowl per stroke.


For each stroke over or underneath carry out 1 burpee and a 25m all-out swim. If it’s important to carry out a number of reps, relaxation as much as 30 seconds between every.

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