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How Can I Put together for Working at Altitude?

It is undoubtedly harder to run at a better elevation than you are used to. At increased altitudes, the air is thinner, which implies you will get much less oxygen per breath. So you will must put in much more effort and work a lot tougher to run on the identical tempo you’d at a decrease altitude. Listed here are 5 ideas that will help you put together for a high-altitude race and have the most effective expertise attainable.

Do Hill Coaching

Many races at altitude contain uphills and downhills, so it is good to do a hill exercise as soon as every week to work in your hill working type. If you do not have entry to hills, attempt another choices for “no hill hill-training,” akin to working in parking garages.

6 Easy Steps to Working Hills Correctly

Run by Effort, Not Tempo

You will run slower at altitude, so use your effort, not velocity, as your information. Ease into your run — it’s possible you’ll even need to begin out with a brisk stroll. For those who really feel good after a few miles, improve your effort barely and slowly construct your depth. Throughout your coaching on your race at altitude, be sure you’re conversant in your effort degree on your race tempo, so you realize what effort degree to dial in on race day. Some runners wish to run with a coronary heart charge monitor to maintain their effort degree in test.

Get to Your Race Vacation spot Early

Your physique could make variations to the decrease air stress at altitude by producing extra oxygen-carrying purple blood cells. However that course of takes time. So, in case you have the money and time, get to your race location not less than two weeks early so you possibly can sufficiently acclimate to the upper altitude.

Or, Arrive Proper Earlier than the Race

In fact, it isn’t at all times possible to get to your race location a couple of weeks early. So the subsequent smartest thing is to get there the day earlier than your race. Huh? That is proper, you will truly really feel your greatest throughout the first day or two at a better altitude. After a couple of days at altitude, your physique will get worn down from the stress of being at altitude and you possibly can begin affected by unintended effects akin to nausea, hassle sleeping, and fatigue. For those who race immediately, you possibly can hopefully keep away from all of these nasty unintended effects earlier than and through your race.

Drink Loads of Fluids

When you attain your race vacation spot, staying hydrated is a straightforward technique to assist your physique extra simply alter to a increased altitude. The air is way drier, so you will want about twice the quantity of water you’d want at sea degree.

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