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How you can Do the Leg Press

Additionally Recognized As: Machine leg press, machine squat press, seated leg press

Targets: Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus

Tools Wanted: Leg press machine

Degree: Newbie

The leg press is a well-liked piece of gymnasium tools that may assist construct key muscle mass in your legs. There are two varieties of leg press machines generally present in gyms: the usual horizontal leg press and the 45-degree leg press that has a seat that reclines at an angle whereas your legs press upward in a diagonal route.

Each machines are used to develop the quadriceps and hamstrings of the thigh in addition to the gluteus (buttocks). Whereas it looks as if a easy train, it is essential to discover ways to use it correctly. By listening to your kind, you possibly can maximize the strength-building advantages and forestall harm. The leg press is used as a part of a leg strengthening routine or a machine circuit exercise.

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The leg press machine lets you get the advantages of a barbell squat for creating the quadriceps. Secondarily, it develops the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and calves.

By various your foot place you possibly can emphasize totally different muscle mass. It builds power in these muscle mass and you should use it to beat imbalances, akin to when runners have extra developed hamstrings than quadriceps.

Step-by-Step Directions

Once you sit down at a leg press machine, your physique ought to be in a selected place. Sit on the machine along with your again and head resting comfortably towards the padded assist. Place your ft on the footplate about hip-width aside whereas making certain that your heels are flat.

Your backside ought to be flat towards the seat moderately than raised. Your legs ought to kind an angle of about 90 levels on the knees. In case your ft are too excessive on the plate, it’ll stress your glutes; too low and it places pointless strain in your knees. Your knees ought to be according to your ft and neither be bowed inward nor outward.

As you press, ensure to maintain this alignment. Grasp the help handles to offer assist and hold your backbone and head in place.

  1. Brace your stomach muscle mass and push the platform away along with your heels and forefoot. Your heels ought to stay flat on the footplate. The entrance of your foot or toes ought to by no means be used solely to maneuver the pad ahead.
  2. Whereas exhaling, prolong your legs and hold your head and again flat towards the seat pad. Prolong with sluggish management moderately than with an explosive motion.
  3. Pause on the prime of the motion. Don’t lock out your knees and be sure that they aren’t bowing out or in.
  4. Whereas inhaling, return the footplate to the beginning place by steadily bending the knees. Preserve the ft and again flat all through.
  5. In case you have by no means accomplished leg presses earlier than, begin modestly with three units of 10 leg presses. You may advance from there as you construct power.

Widespread Errors

You will need to guarantee correct kind to get probably the most out of your leg press routine. To make sure you are doing the leg press safely, keep away from these errors.

Too A lot Weight

One of many greatest components is making certain that you just’re not attempting to elevate extra weight than you must. If you cannot management the actions, you will have to scale back the weights. Correct kind is extra essential than the quantity of weight you are lifting.

Whereas the train ought to require effort, it must be accomplished with full management. By no means rush by way of the train or enable your legs to break down on the finish of the motion.

Buttocks Not Flat In opposition to Seat

In case your buttocks are raised off the seat, your legs are at too sharp of an angle. You will want to maneuver the seatback till your knees and buttocks are comfortably positioned. You may acknowledge poor positioning once you really feel cramped and/or your knees appear to be immediately in entrance of your eyes.

Putting Fingers on Knees

Putting fingers on the knees is a typical mistake that can break your kind. Grip the help handles as a substitute.

Quick Vary of Movement

At all times comply with by way of your complete vary of movement with out lifting your hips. If wanted, alter the seat and/or decrease your weights.

Elevating Head

Deal with the place of your head. It ought to be regular and laid comfortably towards the seatback. In case you are jerking your head ahead, you’re utilizing an excessive amount of weight.


Bear in mind to maintain respiration throughout the effort section and to keep away from holding your breath. For those who specializing in exhaling on exertion and inhaling on launch, your respiration will finally turn out to be computerized.

Modifications and Variations

You may alter the leg press to make it extra accessible as a newbie and to make use of it to progress.

Want a Modification?

This can be a very particular person train that you could alter to suit your physique. As machines can range, it’s possible you’ll need to ask a coach to indicate you how one can alter it safely earlier than beginning.

Inexperienced persons ought to use lighter weights and develop good kind. Focus on sluggish and deliberate actions moderately than what number of reps or the quantity of weight you are lifting. For those who discover any unwarranted stress or ache, ask a coach to assessment your kind and get some personalised recommendation.

Why Hiring a Private Coach Can Be Nice for Getting Into Form

Up for a Problem?

Foot positioning can be utilized to work muscle mass in several methods. Utilizing a wider foot placement will work the interior thigh muscle mass. Utilizing a narrower foot placement will work the outer thigh muscle mass.

Putting your ft greater on the footplate will work your gluteus maximus and hamstrings to a better diploma. Putting your ft decrease on the footplate will emphasize the quads extra, however this additionally locations extra stress on the knees and ought to be accomplished with warning.

You can too use the leg press one leg at a time if you’re working to beat imbalances.

Security and Precautions

Keep away from the leg press when you’ve got weak pelvic ground muscle mass because it locations a variety of stress on the pelvic ground. As an alternative, do safer leg strengthening workout routines as advisable by your physician or bodily therapist. You shouldn’t use this machine when you’ve got a knee harm.

If one or each of your knees damage, don’t push by way of the ache. Pushing by way of will solely trigger harm. This train also can place stress in your again, so it ought to be prevented when you’ve got a again harm or again ache.

Attempt It Out

Incorporate this transfer and related ones into considered one of these in style exercises:

  • Full-body power coaching routine for novices
  • Leg workout routines for power and conditioning
  • Glute, hip, and thigh workout routines

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