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Magnificence tip: 5 face packs to deal with oily pores and skin

Oily Pores and skin

Summer season makes it troublesome to take care of oily pores and skin. The humidity results in extra sweating which makes your pores and skin extra sticky. Aashmeen Munjaal, makeover skilled and director of Star salon n’ Academy, shares just a few extra cures that will provide help to to do away with oily pores and skin.

Chamomile-tea For Oily Pores and skin

Chamomile tea: Chamomile possesses many highly effective pores and skin properties resembling anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and comprises important oils and anti-oxidants. Chamomile tea helps to extend circulation and kill acne-causing micro organism. Make a combination of chamomile tea and oat meal in equal proportions, almost two drops of almond oil and two teaspoons of honey. Apply this paste in your oily pores and skin. Wash it off after 10 to fifteen minutes.

Kiwi Scrub For Oily Pores and skin

Kiwi scrub for shiny pores and skin


Corn Starch For Oily Skiin

Corn starch: It absorbs extra oil and leaves your pores and skin mushy and clear. It has a drying motion that offers your pores and skin a matte-look. Make a thick paste of corn starch by including rosewater or plain water and one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the paste on zits inclined space of your pores and skin. Let the paste dry after which rinse it off with heat water.

Cinnamon And Nutmeg For Oily Pores and skin

Cinnamon and nutmeg: A cinnamon and nutmeg pack is an effective zits and anti-ageing therapy . It boosts collagen manufacturing within the pores and skin, improves blood circulation, fades the zits marks from the pores and skin. Take a teaspoon of floor cinnamon combined with one teaspoon of nutmeg powder and two teaspoons of honey. Apply it evenly on the face and rinse it with heat water after half-hour.

Avocado For Oily Pores and skin

Avocado: A face masks works greatest for shiny , zits inclined and ageing pores and skin. To make the face pack, whip one egg white till frothy. Add fully mashed avocado pulp and a teaspoon of lemon juice and blend effectively. Apply a thick layer to your face and go away it for 20 to 25 minutes.

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