Workouts Plans

Mommy Exercise: Third Trimester, Cycle 2 – Week 40

Week 40, Day 1


3 Rounds:
Burpee x 10 (modify with wall if wanted)
Field Soar/Step Ups x 15
30 sec. Aspect plank R/L
1/2 mile jog


3 Rounds:
Inchworm x 1 minute
Mountain climbers x 20
Downward canine x 30 seconds



Rack Carry 50m x 3


Week 40, Day 2

3 Rounds, relaxation as wanted:
Renegade Row x 15
Goblet Squat x 15
Excessive Pulls x 15
Burpee x 15
Kettlebell Swing x 15


3 Rounds:
Overhead Press x 5 – 8
Bent Over Barbell Row x 5 – 8
Barbell Clear x 5 – 8
Barbell Entrance Squat x 5 – 8


Week 40, Day 3

A. Crawling and Squatting Mobility Exercise



B. 3 mile stroll/hike


In regards to the Exercises

This cycle of being pregnant exercises is designed for ladies who’ve earlier expertise with power coaching and yoga and wish to combine a variety of train modalities. The third trimester exercises concentrate on common motion all through the day, lengthy walks or hikes as soon as every week, and simply modified body weight exercises.


Though being pregnant isn’t the time to be centered on setting PRs or progressive weight coaching, there’s no motive you’ll be able to’t observe your progress. I discovered that preserving a health journal throughout being pregnant saved me motivated and helped me regain my health degree sooner after supply.


I designed these exercises with energetic mothers in thoughts who’re at an intermediate health degree. When you’ve got been coaching with weights earlier than being pregnant, there’s no motive you’ll be able to’t proceed to take action, offered you could have your physician’s approval. Benefit from the exercises.

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