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Yoga Sequences, Cycle 5 – Yoga for Journey, Week 7

Yoga Sequences for Journey will assist assist you earlier than, throughout, and after your travels. Whether or not you’re driving or flying, these sequences with assist with digestion, circulation, jet lag, and restoration. The Journey yoga sequences with be programmed three days per week; two yoga lessons and one meditation apply.




Week 7, Day 1

Pre-Journey Energizing Yoga Sequence (Getting ready for Lengthy Flight)

5x A Collection Solar Salutes
3x B Collection Solar Salutes
3x C Collection Solar Salutes
Standing Ahead Fold *grabbing toes
Yogi Squat
Standing Ahead Bend *with shoulder launch
Yogi Squat * or non-compulsory arm stability
3x Dancing Warrior Collection * on both sides
Chicken of Paradise Proper Facet
Chicken of Paradise Left Facet
Yogi Squat with Twist and Bind * to every facet
Baby's Pose
Deep Coronary heart Opening Pose
5x Wheel Pose
Spinal Twist *to every facet
Plow Pose
* non-compulsory inversion – handstand


Week 7, Day 2

Submit-Journey Yoga Sequence (After a Lengthy Flight)


Reclined Cobbler's Pose
Vast Legged Ahead Bend
Downward Canine
Lunge Proper Leg
Downward Canine
Lunge Left Leg
Downward Canine
Pigeon Pose Proper Leg
Pigeon Pose Left Leg
Standing Vast Leg Ahead Bend with Shoulder Launch
Vast Legged Ahead Bend with Twist *to every facet
Cobbler's Pose


Week 7, Day 3 – Eliminating Destructive Habits Meditation, Half 3

“You allow previous habits behind by beginning out with the thought, 'I launch the necessity for this in my life.'"

~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer~


Shut the eyes and take a couple of moments to create a quiet area and put together for a meditation apply.


Rely 10-15 lengthy sluggish deep breaths.


Start by asking your self the next questions:


Do I wish to proceed down the identical path with these detrimental habits?


Do I wish to make a constructive change on this detrimental behavior?



Now think about your self letting go of the dangerous behavior. Really feel it float up and away out of your physique.


Discover the reduction and launch you’re feeling as you see the dangerous behavior float away.


Now call to mind the listing of constructive habits you want to create this week.


Take into consideration these constructive habits, and choose one to work on on this apply.


Think about your self taking part within the new constructive behavior. What does it really feel like, appear like, scent or style like?


Dive deep into the senses as you think about this new behavior in your life. 


Lengthen the breath, as you depend 15 sluggish deep breaths.


Keep right here so long as you would like, making a constructive area along with your breath.

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