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Yoga Sequences, Cycle 5 – Yoga for Journey, Week 8

Yoga Sequences for Journey will assist help you earlier than, throughout, and after your travels. Whether or not you’re driving or flying, these sequences with assist with digestion, circulation, jet lag, and restoration. The Journey yoga sequences with be programmed three days per week; two yoga courses and one meditation follow.




Week 8, Day 1

Jet Lag Quick Sequence


Begin in a supine place
Proper Knee to Chest
Proper Leg Prolonged Stretch
Blissful Child
Left Knee to Chest
Left Leg Prolonged Stretch
Blissful Child
5x Knees to Chest Twist *to every aspect
Legs up the Wall 10-Quarter-hour


Week 8, Day 2

Jet Lag Lengthy Sequence


10x Cat/Cow
Downward Canine 10 breaths
Huge Legged Downward Canine with a Twist *to every aspect
5x Upward Canine to Downward Canine
Tree Pose Proper Aspect
3x Solar Salutations
Tree Pose Left Aspect
3x Solar Salutations
Crescent Lunge Proper Aspect
Lizard Pose Proper Aspect
Crescent Lunge Proper Aspect
Lizard Pose Proper Aspect
Seated Twist
Head to Knee Pose Proper Aspect
Seated Twist
Head to Knee Pose Left Aspect
Ahead Bend
Cobbler's Pose


Week 8, Day 3

Muladhara Chakra Meditation

The Muladhara Chakra is the first of seven power facilities within the physique. The foundation chakra is related to the colour crimson and a way of being grounded. When this chakra is balanced you’ll really feel secure, secure and safe.


Take a couple of moments to shut the eyes and loosen up the thoughts as you put together for meditation.


Focus in your root chakra, situated the bottom of your tailbone. 


Depend 10 gradual deep breaths as you proceed to deal with grounding your power down via your tailbone space.


Think about a glowing crimson mild, with every inhale really feel the crimson mild fill your physique and with every exhale launch any sensation of pressure or tightness. 


Proceed to deal with the breath and the circulation of power out and in of the physique.


Subsequent really feel the power of the crimson mild transfer down from the basis heart to the hips, legs and toes. Discover the sensations of heat and ease within the decrease physique.


Keep right here with a relaxed breath for five minutes or longer.

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